What Remains: The 1975 Poppleton Historic Survey

This exhibit presents text and selected images from the Poppleton Historic Survey, conducted in 1975 by Phoebe B. Stanton for the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development. Items in this exhibit are from the Greater Baltimore Committee Records.

Dr. Stanton (1915-2003), an architectural historian and chair of the art history department at Johns Hopkins University, assembled a survey team that included: William Potts, Susanne Moore, and Catharine Black, with volunteer assistance from Vivian Klein and Joyce Maclay.

The final report of the Poppleton Historic Survey is included in this exhibit, along with property inventory sheets and corresponding images of Poppleton businesses, churches, and homes. 105 images have been selected out of 600 negatives associated with the survey. 38 inventory sheets from the survey are also included in the exhibit. All materials are arranged by block and lot numbers. Corresponding street addresses have been included, when available.

At the time of the survey, the Poppleton area was bounded by two urban road construction projects that displaced residents and stirred public controversy: City Boulevard [1] (now Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) and Interstate 170 [2] (which sought to connect I-70 with I-95).

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Credits: Exhibit curated by Aiden Faust in February 2013 and added to this site by Laura Bell in September 2019.

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[2] "High, Low Roads Coming through." The Sun (1837-1987), Feb 12, 1975. http://search.proquest.com/docview/540600626.

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