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Iconic at Midcentury: The Blakeslee-Lane Photographs

This exhibition of photographic prints and negatives contains images of Baltimore buildings, monuments, and street scenes taken by Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. circa 1930-1961.

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forEva: A Tribute to the Baltimore Dance Theater

forEva highlights the history of Baltimore’s longest-running professional Dance Company, the Baltimore Dance Theater. This exhibit consists of 36 selected photographs, documents, and audiovisual material from the Eva Anderson's Baltimore Dance Theater Collection (ca. 1970-2016) held by the Special Collections and Archives, University of Baltimore. This exhibit was curated by Deyane Moses, 2018-2019 intern.

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Imagining a Model Urban Neighborhood

This digital exhibit highlights 120 images from the Model Urban Neighborhood Demonstration (MUND) program in Baltimore, Maryland from 1968-1971. The images were selected from approximately 5,000 black and white 35 mm film negatives contained in the Model Urban Neighborhood Demonstration Records (MUND), at the University of Baltimore Special Collections & Archives. The exhibit also features selected video news clips from the WMAR-TV Collection.

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What is Urban Renewal?

This exhibit presents documentation related to Baltimore's urban renewal efforts during the 1960s. The files include correspondence, speeches, editorials, newsletters, flyers, and maps from Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Renewal plans for the neighborhoods of Bolton Hill and Mount Vernon are highlighted, along with responses from neighborhood residents and homeowners' associations.

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Looking Back on Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc.

This exhibit provides an introduction to the work of Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. (BNI) around issues of racial integration in housing and tenants' rights from the 1950s to the 2000s.

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What Remains: The 1975 Poppleton Historic Survey

This exhibit presents text and selected images from the Poppleton Historic Survey, conducted in 1975 by Phoebe B. Stanton for the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development. Items in this exhibit are from the Greater Baltimore Committee Records.

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The League of Women Voters: The Legacy of Suffrage

This exhibit explores the collection of the League of Women Voters of Baltimore City and celebrates the legacy and centennial of Women's Suffrage. Through a mixture of photographs and documents from the League's archive this digital exhibition seeks to communicate how the League has devoted itself to the city of Baltimore through various women-led events, initiatives, and programs. Culminating in a legacy of non-partisan political engagement and social activism for over a century. 

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