Stop The Road! Records from the Road Fights

This exhibit examines community opposition to expressway construction in Baltimore during the 1970s through the organizational records of the Movement Against Destruction (MAD). Founded in 1968 as a coalition of 25 neighborhood and community groups, MAD's leaders included George and Carolyn Tyson, Barbara Mikulski, Walter Orlinsky, Norman Reeves, and Parren Mitchell.

The complete Movement Against Destruction Records at the University of Baltimore Special Collections & Archives consists of 9 linear feet of records, which are described the an online collection database. The complete collection has also been digitized at the folder level and is available in the online finding aid in the database. For this exhibit, 32 documents have been selected from the complete collection.

For more information about the digital items in this online exhibit, click here to visit the main digital collection page.

Credits: Exhibit curated by Aiden Faust in September 2012. It was added to this site by Laura Bell in September 2019.

About the Exhibit