1968-1969: Founding of the Cultural Arts Program

Ribbon Cutting

Clarence H. "Du" Burns helps cut the ribbon opening the East Baltimore Community Center, February 20, 1972, Robert Breck Chapman Photographs.

The Neighborhood Parents Club, located at East Baltimore’s Dunbar Community High School, receives funding for a demonstration Cultural Arts Project (CAP) by the Baltimore Model Cities Agency. 

Community Learning Center

Art class at Community Learning Center sponsored by the Cultural Arts Project, 1970, Model Urban Neighborhood Demonstration Records

John Taylor and Berkley Allan Thomas are hired as the Cultural Arts Project’s first two instructors. Taylor becomes CAP’s first dance director, and Thomas runs a pilot neighborhood center, which includes arts programming. 

Piano Lesson

Piano lesson sponsored by the Cultural Arts Project, March 18, 1972, Robert Breck Chapman Photographs.

The first Cultural Arts Project Center opens at Dunbar Community High School. The Center creates afterschool and evening programs for all ages, from preschoolers to adults. CAP classes are offered in a wide range of subjects including creative writing, arts and crafts, photography, dance, bongo, guitar, and piano lessons.