1974-1977: AFRAM and More​

Gil Scott-Heron at AFRAM

Gil Scott-Heron performing at the AFRAM Expo Festival, August 8, 1976. Robert Breck Chapman Photographs.

AFRAM Expo '76 Festival Program

AFRAM Expo 76 Festival program cover, 1976. Robert Breck Chapman Photographs.

1974: Actress Alfredine Brown joins CAP and begins the expansion of the theater program, including the creation of a new theater center at Baltimore City School Number 122, Preston Street and Druid Hill Avenue.

1974: Percy Thomas creates the Free Spirit Theatre as an outgrowth of the expanding CAP dramatic arts program. 

1974: Olufunmilayo Jomo starts her dance company out of the CAP Urban Youth Ballet program. The company goes on to create America’s first urban production of the Nutcracker Ballet.

1975: CAP sponsors the founding of the New Baltimore Dance Theater with Orville Johnson as artistic director. 

1976: With CAP support, the first AFRAM Expo Festival is held to honor the history and culture of Black Baltimoreans and their African ancestors.

1977: CAP moves its main office to 409 North Charles Street and opens new studio and gallery space as Gallery 409. 

Crowd at the AFRAM Festival

Crowd at concert performance at the AFRAM Festival, 1981. Robert Breck Chapman Photographs.