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This collection of photographic prints and negatives contains images of Baltimore buildings, monuments, and street scenes taken by Blakeslee-Lane, Inc.

Blakeslee-Lane was founded by two former Baltimore News photographers, George Walton Blakeslee, Sr. and Horace P. Lane, who opened a studio at 106 East Pleasant Street in 1931. In addition to illustrating news stories, their studio supplied photographs for advertising copy and soon gained the trade of the city’s major department stores: Hecht’s, Hutzler's, Stewart's and Hochschild-Kohn's. As a result of their success, they moved to 343 St. Paul Street and took on a third partner, Theodore C. Andersen. After World War II, the studio became a midtown fixture at 916 North Charles Street.

The complete Blakeslee-Lane collection at the University of Baltimore consists of 1.5 linear feet of photographic prints and negatives, which are described in the collection database. From the complete collection, 40 images have been selected for this exhibit.




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Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) 1957

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) 1958

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) undated

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) 1961-04-24

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) 1961-04-24

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) 1959-07-07

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) 1941-08-13

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) 1953-07

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) 1930-11-19

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) undated

Blakeslee-Lane, Inc. (Baltimore, Md.) 1957-06-19
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